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Think this is healthy? Think again!


Do we really know what’s healthy and what’s not? A lot of the time, we’re fed with information from various sources that we subconsciously make decisions based on what we watch on TV, read or hear.

We wanted to challenge the norm and find out which “healthy” habits that are often encouraged aren’t exactly good for us. Ready to learn something new? Read on!

Swapping regular sodas for diet sodas

You may think you’re doing the right thing by opting for diet sodas but a number of studies have shown that diet sodas can lead to heart problems, weight gain and increased appetite. The artificial sugars in diet sodas can also cause insomnia and mood swings, according to some early research. (Wellness Team, 2019)

Our tip: Just go for water or juice instead!

Going “Low Fat” all the way
Did you know that fat is essential for brain health and general health too? That is why the Keto diet exists – because new studies have shown how important fat is and it’s quite possibly more needed than carbohydrates. Low Fat items like to push 0% fat content, but look out for sugar content – you’d be surprised how sugary your favourite low-fat yoghurt is!

Our tip: Incorporate good fats into your diet – eggs, fish, avocado and olive oil are at the top of our list!

Practicing intermittent fasting

Skipping meals is not a sustainable weight-loss solution, especially if you’re the kind of person to try something and leave it halfway. Intermittent fasts do work, but they require discipline and proper nutritional advise, otherwise you’re at risk of bouncing back and eating unhealthier than ever.

Our tip: Never fasted? Don’t start unless with doctor’s advice!


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