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The best thing after a credit card? A medical card.


So, you check all the essential boxes: your blood pressure is on point, your sugar level is on fleek and you rarely fall sick. You’re in the prime of your health, it seems.

Do you need a medical card? Our answer is YES. Now more than ever, actually.

According to a Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia (PIDM) study done in 2022, 23% of Malaysian urban millennials do not have health coverage. Shocking! We’re here to convince you that having a medical card with you is as important as having your debit and credit cards with you. Hear us out, and we’ll tell you why!

1. Government hospitals are good, but are they enough?

First of all, we appreciate that government hospitals in Malaysia are well-equipped and cost barely nothing. However, a lot of these hospitals are not in the vicinity of residential areas, which can make it tricky if there is an emergency.

Our question is: would government hospitals be enough for a lifetime? There have been cases of patients having to wait weeks, sometimes even months, for surgery or treatment – simply because of the long list of patients that the government doctors have to attend to. Not everybody has the luxury of waiting though, so it is important to consider this.

2. “It’s just a fever – I’m very healthy generally.”

Would it surprise you to know that most of our top hospital claims come from seemingly harmless illnesses, like diarrhea?

Everyone who is sick now once believed they were in the pink of health. It is easy to brush off ailments like cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and hypertension (also known as Specified Illnesses) as “old people problems” but the truth is they all come unannounced anytime. The treatments and follow-ups for these problems are pricey, but having a medical card gives you the option of seeking the best advice and care there is.

In typical cases, once a person is diagnosed with any of the Specified Illnesses mentioned above, he or she may not be able to buy or may need to spend much more than the average person to get insurance coverage. Scary thought, right?

3. Company healthcare benefits are enough…or are they?

You could be saying, “Hey, my workplace offers health insurance, so why should I go out of my way to get a plan?” You should be asking yourself: how long do you plan to be with the current company you’re at? Is there a risk of being retrenched? A lot of startups and SMEs don’t provide medical benefits, and moving jobs makes dependence on company benefits quite dangerous.

Check out our eMedic Plus medical insurance plan and protect yourself and your family today. After all, there’s never a better time to be protected than now!.


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