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Are you a millennial? Then you need these 7 things.


There are a few things all millennials need, in their home or with them at all times. Shall we see what those things are?

1. Health and fitness trackers

These fitness watches are all the rage, and for good reason. Even the most rudimentary ones can calculate your steps, your calories lost and your sleep quality. In this day and age of sedentary lifestyles, we need all the help we can get with our fitness. Plus point: these are cheap!

2. A productivity planner

Productivity planners help you plan not only your daily routine, but also your goals and visions. Tracking something gives it life, and if not for anything, at least a productivity planner will help you overcome procrastination. Quick, get one now!

3. A rudimentary coffee maker

Yes, we all have our favourite coffees, but they do come at exorbitant prices. Why spend RM15 every day, when you can spend RM15 to buy a pack of coffee beans, some sugar and milk and experiment with coffee-making at home? You will learn patience, strategy, and skills. Try it – you won’t regret it!

4. A subscription to Netflix

Pop culture is important. It entertains you, and it give your fodder for small talk during networking or social events. Netflix not only has great movies and series, it also has documentaries and behind-the-scenes specials. Broaden your horizons and see where it takes you!

5. Good skincare

We are all getting old. We work under air-conditioning. We rarely exercise. Our eating habits, frankly, suck. Our skin reflects our inner body – we owe it to ourselves to take care of it well. Besides taking vitamins and minerals, a good skincare regime can do wonders – not only for your skin, but your self-esteem too.

6. Anything that helps with mental health

Calming apps? Check. Yoga classes? Check. Essential oils diffuser? Check check check. Being a millennial is stressful, especially in the era of social media. Sometimes it’s good to take a step back, relax and remind ourselves that our lives are not lived online. Your mental health will thank you!

7. Health and medical protection

It is rarely on any millennial’s to-do list, but it’s essential for sure. Being a millennial means you are probably in the best health of your life – getting protected now means protecting yourself from future price hikes that may be a burden on the family coffers.

Your family will thank you for making the smart choice of getting health and medical insurance, because it is a financially-savvy choice! Explore our online medical card and get your free quote now.


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