All you need to know about nose cancer

All you need to know about nose cancer

Cancer does not discriminate – it can happen to anybody, at any stage of their lives. If you are Malaysian, you have probably heard about national badminton star Lee Chong Wei’s battle with cancer, specifically nose cancer.

According to The New Straits Times, nasopharyngeal carcinoma (or nasal/nose cancer for the rest of us) is most commonly seen in the Chinese community. This is because of heredity, genes and general lifestyle.

We were curious to see if nasal cancer has any risk factors (some) and symptoms (many!), and here are the results of our research:

Risk factors:

• Smoking

• Workplace hazards – especially workplaces that have high dust count like construction sites, chemical labs, schools, etc.

• HPV infection

• Hereditary retinoblastoma treatment – specifically radiation

• Genetics – in Malaysian society, prevalent among Chinese and Bidayuh


• Nasal congestion and/or stuffiness that seems perpetual

• Pain above or below the eye

• Nose bleeds and pus draining

• Blockage on one side of the nose

• Numbness or pain in parts of the face

There are many other symptoms that have been listed down (you can check them out here), but it is important to note that having these symptoms does not mean you have nasal cancer.

If you have experienced any of the symptoms, seek medical advice from your doctor who would be able to properly diagnose you. Most of the time, the symptoms that appear are caused by other conditions. However, seeking medical advice and treatment would be the best thing to do in the case of any physical abnormalities.

Like our mums say, do not skip your doctor’s appointments… and like AXA says, get cancer protection before it’s too late! Check out our comprehensive online critical illness plan here: eCritical Early Care