7 El Cheapo Ways to Save Money!

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Let’s face it – we all love a good deal. No matter how much we earn or how much pocket money we have, we often gravitate to value deals and cheaper (but good quality!) stuff simply because we get to save some coins while buying or subscribing to something. Here are our little tips on how you can get more bang for your buck!

Watch movies on Wednesdays

Yes, the tried and true trick – movie tickets on Wednesdays (in Malaysia, especially) are about 25% cheaper compared to other days. Since it’s midweek, you are probably more likely to get good seats too!

Grab set lunches on weekdays

We understand weekends are to spend time and step out with loved ones, so we suggest keeping lunch simple and fuss-free on weekdays. Most restaurants have a set lunch menu – in the heart of KL, our set lunches usually cost us around RM10 to RM15 a day, including drinks and if we’re lucky, dessert too!

Cancel your cable TV

It’s undeniable that cable TV is redundant and not really up to the mark, and yet it’s still super expensive! Worried you’ll miss out on sports? Livestream online or better yet, watch the important games at a friend’s house (remember to contribute snacks and drinks, though!). If you subscribe to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and iFlix, it’ll still be half the cost of your cable TV bill!

Student discounts FTW!

Got a cousin/niece/nephew/friend who is still in university? Go on, be best friends with them! You don’t only get food and cinema discounts, but also discounts for MacBooks and iPads, clothes, entertainment outlets – even the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra offers student card discounts!

Shop ‘til you drop – when there are sales

Malaysia is the land of shopping malls and sales! Year End Sale, Mega Sale Carnival, Chinese New Year sale, Hari Raya sale…the list is quite possibly endless. Most things, especially stuff like accessories and shoes, are usually heavily discounted during sales.

Start a book club with friend

Love books but hate the prices? Here’s an idea: why not start a book exchange with your friends? That way, everyone gets a chance to read something highly recommended and different, and no extra bucks needed!

Buy your insurance with AXA online

Insurance is usually thought of as messy, expensive and full of unnecessary processes. What if we said “not anymore”? We have a whole repertoire of online plans, from medical to savings, all which require only about 5 minutes of your time and minimal investment. Why not start with our medical plan, eMedic Plus, here?