AXA eCombo First Time Buyer’s Guide


What is eCombo?

AXA eCombo is a combination of three insurance plans that complement each other perfectly – medical insurance, life insurance and critical illness insurance. A brief introduction to each plan:

- Life insurance – eLife Protector+; coverage of up to RM250,000 with death and TPD benefits

- Medical insurance – eMedic Plus; annual limit of RM150,000, no lifetime limit, enhanced benefits include daily hospitalisation allowance, auto-increase of annual limit and more.

- Critical illness insurance – AXA eCritical Early Care; coverage of up to RM250,000, up to 50% payment for early stage and 100% payout for late stage illness, 50 major conditions

Whom is it available for? Can I buy eCombo for my kids?

For now, AXA eCombo is available for Malaysian individuals, with entry age between 15 days to 49 years old. Coverage will continue until age 80!

If you’re looking to insure your kids, please note that eLife Protector+ is only available for those age 16 and above, so you have the option of eMedic Plus and eCritical Early Care for children below 16.

At the moment, we have no Family Plan yet, we will definitely shout it out when it comes!

How does eCombo compare with conventional agency products?

Agency products are structured in a way where there is a base plan (think of it as the main plan, which is usually a life insurance plan) and riders can be added on to this base plan.

Agency plans are usually investment-linked (ILP), so there will be a sum of money left behind for your loved ones upon your demise, from the Death Benefit provided under the ILP life insurance plan. There may also be cash value if you plan to surrender the entire ILP policy.

With AXA eCombo, you get three base plans, which means there will be 3 different policy numbers and three different confirmation emails. As for e-card, you will only receive one for eMedic Plus. All plans within eCombo are standalone plans and do not carry surrender value.

AXA eCombo is only available online, where you can apply and pay for the plans you want at the comfort of your own home. Why online? We want to keep things affordable and in these unprecedented pandemic times, it’s much safer to do things online with little/no contact with others. When we do things online, we make it accessible to all!

How will eCombo benefit me?

With eCombo, you get a holistic package which covers all bases. There’s eMedic Plus for hospitalisation, eCritical Early Care for cash assistance in the event of a critical illness, and your family will benefit from eLife Protector+ in the event you suffer from a Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) or death.

Since the three plans come in one single package, you only have to make one payment per month via auto-deduction – no worries about missing payments for one plan or the other. Plus buying it together equals to more savings for you!

Can I customise my eCombo package?

eCombo is synonymous with flexibility! Although we have three fixed plans to choose from, you can also customise and select the coverage that you prefer for each product. Just use the slider on our website.

We understand that some of you may already have existing insurance plans that you don’t want to cancel. To unselect a plan you don’t need, just drag the slider to 0 and the plan would be unselected. Easy!

Want even cheaper premium? Select the deductible option for eMedic Plus. Deductible means you pay a fixed amount (with eMedic Plus, it’s RM1,000) any time you are admitted in hospital, and we will cover the rest of the bill. For example, if your bill is RM10,000, you pay RM1,000 and we will pay RM9,000. This option makes your monthly payments much cheaper!

I work in healthcare/I’m a frontliner. Can I apply?

Yes, but you will be asked an extra question to ensure you’re free of COVID-19 at the moment of purchase. Like other illnesses, standard waiting period for any COVID-19 claims do apply.

What are the 50 conditions that are covered?

Some of the more prevalent 50 conditions are: Acute Coronary Syndrome and heart attack, Alzheimer’s disease, Carcinoma in situ, cancer, stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, major organ/bone marrow transplant, Chronic Relapsing Pancreatitis, liver failure and even full-blown AIDS.

To see a full list, go here: eCEC brochure

Things to note about payment process

For first-time purchases, there are two deductions that will be made. The first deduction is RM1 to inform your bank to authorise the transaction. The second deduction is the balance payment for the month. E.g., if your monthly payment is RM50, first time deduction will be RM 1 + RM49.

Do note that the RM1 transaction, if payment process is not completed, is non-refundable!

Is the application process complicated?

Because there are 3 plans that are being offered, the number of questions to answer may be between 8 to 10. However, these are simple health questions, and you can probably blitz through them in 10 minutes! After that just key in your details and pay!

If I fail the underwriting process, what should I do?

Oops, failing one of the underwriting questions means one or more of the plans in eCombo will not be available for you. Be sure to read the pop-up carefully as some scenarios allow you to move forward with one or two plans, and some scenarios indicate total stop for all plans.

If all the plans are made unavailable to you, do fill up the callback form and our consultants will get in touch with you with a more suitable offer.

How about claims and reimbursement?

All claims can be made via our eClaims submission platform within the MyAXA Customer Portal. Sign up for MyAXA Customer Portal access here:

What are the scenarios where these plans would come in handy?

For illnesses that require hospitalisation, from dengue to surgery, you may use eMedic Plus.

Use eCritical Early Care when diagnosed with a critical illness like cancer or kidney failure, to redeem lump sum cash assistance that will help with daily living.

Upon death or TPD, your family can benefit from cash from eLife Protector+ to help with their lifestyle and continue with payments.

Here’s an example of how eCombo can help during tough times, for one major illness – cancer. Let’s say an eCombo customer is diagnosed with cancer; he or she may need surgery to remove the tumour. For hospitalisation and surgery, eMedic Plus will come in handy.

After surgery, the customer can claim eCritical Early Care to get lump sum cash assistance, which helps the customer focus on recovery. If after few years the customer unfortunately dies of cancer, family members or nominees of the customer can claim via eLife Protector+ to help with their daily expenses.

What is a nominee and who can I nominate?

The nomination section, which you will see when you are filling up your details, is available for those who opt for eLife Protector+ only. This person will be the person who will receive the benefits of your life insurance upon your demise.

How can the public access eCombo?

Online, via our e-commerce site. Not available anywhere else!